Nigerian dancer slams people who ignored her cry of depression

Nigerian dancer

Nigerian dancer and CEO The Lapeggy Franchise, Godwin Praise Peggy, who shared a screenshot of October 14 Facebook post of battling depression, has taken to Instagram to slam those who ignored her cry.

According to her, she was slammed by social media trolls who said she shouldn’t have posted her personal problems online, they further told her it shows she’s a weakling. Peggy further said she has started this fight against depression and won’t give up. She wrote;

“So over the weekend I posted this on my facebook about my battle with depression and about how you should appreciate those who are with you when they are still alive. I came under fire from some social media trolls about how I shouldn’t have posted my personal problems online and how it shows I’m a weakling. Well, I guess you only enjoy when I dance and entertain you and you want me to always smile to fake happiness but when I have depression issues, I should die in silence? I have started this fight against depression and I’m not giving up.”

Nigerian dancer



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