Nigerian lawyer assaulted by Policemen on instruction of National Assembly member in Lagos (Photos/Video)

Recounting his ordeal in the hands of Nigerian Police Officers, Relationship Counsellor, Victor Ibeh shared a video of a Nigerian Lawyer who was also his course rep in school, being harassed by Nigerian Police Officers.

According to Victor Ibeh, if his friend who is a Lawyer and knows the law could be subjected to such, how about those in other profession. He wrote;

“One of the worries I have about this country is the fact that citizens can’t even live a normal life without facing police harassment. Why do the bad eggs in the police force keep victimizing innocent citizens?

I have personally been harassed five times. Yet, we have criminals roaming the streets of lagos.

This man in this video Hon Chinweuba Moses was my course rep during my school days. He is a practicing lawyer who knows the law. Yet, he was subjected to this inhuman treatment just for owning a car and driving on a road in his home country.

Does it mean that FRSC is ignorant of reckless driving by security operatives? If this could happen to a lawyer, what is the fate of the common man? We will all keep mum until these people decimate us all. To even think that they shot at his tires and damaged them, worries me. What if they had shot directly at him?

If you haven’t encountered police men in Lagos, you may not understand how serious this is. These days we are scared of meeting police men on the road than we are of robbers. Isn’t that worrisome?

I will never understand why people who live on tax payers’ money will be harassing the same people feeding them.

There are stories of people who have been forced to withdraw money from ATM by police men. To argue with them is even to make your matter worse.

How did we even get here?”

On his own account, Chinweuba Moses said he was the Policemen assaulted him based on the instruction of a  National Assembly member. Here’s what he wrote;

“And that was how I was molested, brutalized and manhandled by officers of the NPF on the instruction of one National Assembly Member this afternoon at Awoyaya, Lagos. As if that was not enough, one of them shot my front tyre before they zoomed off.

It’s time to make a statement. We both have equal rights of way on the road hence I will never be intimidated nor cowed by your act of trying to force me out of the road simply because you are on a convoy of another fellow Nigerian. I am a Taxpayer Mr. Man. This is just the beginning. More videos loading.”

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