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Nigerian Senators Make More Money Than Donald Trump

Chief Areoye Oyebola, Chairman, Movement for Nigeria’s Total Transformation has slammed Nigerian Lawmakers over their perceived incompetence even though according to him they earn more than most world leaders including American President Donald Trump.

Oyebola complained that while the lawmakers did quite little, they still earned more than most. He noted that the claims of Professor Itse Sagay over the lawmakers’ behaviour have landed on deaf ears which has been the same fate suffered by most of the criticism that has been made about Lawmakers.

He also recalled the words he’d spoken from a publication, tagged, “Grave Issues Nigeria Must Tackle,” which he’d presented publicly.

He’d said; “It is also strange, unthinkable and very disheartening that a senator, not minding the grinding poverty of Nigerians, earns $1.7m a year, which is far higher than the $400,000 yearly income of the United States’ President, whose stupendous country is the richest in the world. Even a member of the House of Representatives also earns more than the American President. What a tragic and pathetic situation!

“Worse still, each of our National Assembly members earns more than the British Prime Minister, while the pay of a member of Ghana’s unicameral legislature is a very small fraction of our House of Representatives’ member jumbo pay of more than N10m in a month, let alone the monumental quarterly allowances that have led to serious public outcry.

“The multi-million naira earned by the leadership of the Senate and the House of Representatives even worse, more outrageous and mind-boggling.”

Oyebola also noted that Ghanaian lawmakers who don’t earn as much as their Nigerian counterparts do way more for the country and its democracy.

Source – Herald