Olamide Mercilessly Drags Troll Who Wished Him Downfall in Epic Twitter Show Down

Olamide is one influential rapper who does not joke with his craft. Month after month, the YBNL boss dominates the airwaves with his songs, all of them smash hits that become street anthems.

And it is with same zealousness that he is dragging a Twitter troll who hopped on the platform to wish him dowfall.

Posting on his Twitter the Nigerian boy compared the YBNL boss with rapper Iceprince, saying that soon Olamide would disappear into oblivion, just like the Chocolate City star.

And this tweet thoroughly pissed off Olamide.

“So shall it be for your dad as he’s hustling to put food on d table for you bastard ! Omo ale jati jati lazy mother fucker go to work bitch,” the rapper spat on his page, adding, “People don’t know your pain or struggle they just pray on your downfall na so your mama teach you ? If I fall na u go feed my pikin ? Smh.”

Fans joined in calling out the troll, but Olamide was not done yet. “Everything is a joke till ghetto boys come n rob n kill in ur hood cause of lack of employment and ppl wishing dem bad luck ! I no b star o,” said the rapper.

Did he cross the line with his anger?

See the tweets:

The troll took down the offensive tweet and returned with a watery double-down. “For what it is worth my tweet was just tweet and thats all it will ever be, no way am wishing u anything other than success,” he said by way of apology.

But Olamide was not buying it, because he did not hesitate to cuss out the troll; the initial tweet did touch a sensetive nerve.

Well, Olamide succeeded in making a salient point: he is not one of those celebrities who do not bother reading what people say about them.

What do you think?

Source – Olisa.tv


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