Old Meets New! Terry Apala Teams up with Legandary Apala performer Musiliu Ishola on ‘Palongo’

Nigerian musicians are finding new sounds and incorporating influences from various parts of the world to make magic consumable by this generation of music lovers.

Terry Apala is a key player in the diversity game as he has found himself a unique sound -a fusion of Apala and contemporary genres- that allows him to stand out in the midst of the musical varieties served across the world over.

Apala is a musical genre from Yoruba extraction. It is a percussion-based style that developed in the late 1930s. Haruna Ishola is perhaps the greatest practitioner of that genre: his 1971 record Oroki Social Club sold over five million copies.

In his latest single themed Palongo, Terry enlisted legendary Apala performer Musiliu Ishola and they made musical magic blending the illustrious Apala and Hip-hop sound.

source: Thenet.ng


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