OMG! Singer Runtown Just Shared Photo of his full Eggplant (+18), See Fans Reactions

Looks like we’ve got a lot of Gossips today, for ya’ll.. Singer Runtown’s shared photo of his eggplant on Instagram, and since then i have been unable to sleep.. Call me crazy, i am, lol..

The singer has a broken kneel and he uploaded an eggplant on IG asking his fans to pray for him, Its is unclear whether the d*ck is his own, or he got the image from somewhere, But one thing for sure is that the only reason he will edit it to that extend, is when its his..

But what i saw is a well endowed eggplant, that will serve ladies a life time memories..

Follow here to see the full stick.

And fans reactions below!

Source – Ebiwalismoment

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