This is why Ooni of Ife is the most loved monarch in Nigeria

Ooni of Ife

Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojajà II, The Ooni of Ife: when you think of this great King, four salient things come to mind and these are the things that make this enigma the most loved monarch in Nigeria as we speak!

Youthful: The time is gone when you think of ‘King’ and you imagine an aged man with a head of white hair, shaky voice and ancient robes! Today, you think of Kings and you instantly picture a vibrant, Gucci wearing young monarch like the great king of Ife! It is refreshing to have a king who is youthful and fun!

Looks: Talk about looks and charm, the Ooni of Ife has got it! Remember that time our own Tubaba had an encounter with the king? All he could really share from his meeting with the Ooni was how good the king looked! This is one king who has stolen hearts with his looks and charm, now, no one is scared of having a king as a Boo, if he looks like the Ooni of Ife!

Power: If there is a traditional ruler that commands power, that ruler would be the Ooni of Ife! The title alone will open doors and pave ways in Nigeria. Association with the king in any way is like a Visa into choice vacation places! We have heard people say “I am the Ooni of Ife’s DJ”!

Single: Now, believe it or not, the fact that the Ooni of Ife is single is also one giant reason he is loved. Thousands of women are in a corner of their rooms fantasizing on how cool it would be to be the Queen. The great part is, the Ooni with his power would always be ready to mingle…yes, tradition allows!

These and many more things make 43 year old Oba of Ife a highly reverred, respected and loved King!

Source – Kemifilani