Racial Abuse: Chinese museum place Africans picture beside wild animals

A Chinese museum have been accused of racial act, by a Nigerian after what seem to be a perceived racial abuse.

The man, Edward E. Duke, posted a video of some photos displayed in the gallery of 首都博物馆 the capital museum in Wuhan, China. He pointed the attention of media houses to the brazen racial abuse portrayed in the photos via Instagram.

In the gallery were hung photos of wild animals, framed alongside those of black-skinned people. The photo of a lion which appeared to be growling in the photo was framed alongside the photo of a man with a similar expression, a chimpanzee with its mouth opened wide was framed alongside a child who appeared to have a similar expression, photos of other animals were also framed side by side with those of humans wearing similar expressions. All the human characters appeared to be of African origin.

“首都博物馆 the capital museum in Wuhan, China put pictures of a particular race next to wild animals why? Are they the only race to have impoverished looking,” Duke wrote as a caption to his video post.

While many of the comments joined to condemn the art, a few of them are of the opinion that Asians are generally extremely ignorant about the black race.

While a commentator said the description beside the display should be put into account before passing a judgement.

Iphiekaosiso said, “@eddydizzle next time, get a picture of the Chinese description at the side so we can read what the author thinks.”

Source: ( Punch Newspaper )

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  • Look, one wouldn’t feel it until he or she has been racially abused.
    Some of us have been in china for quite sometime now and you wouldn’t like it you go through these kind of situations.
    You can imagine being in a bus and all of the Chinese in it cover or block their noses.

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