Rapper The Game got a 15 year old pregnant?

Rapper Game is currently trending on social media for the wrong reason…

According to Gossip site Fameolous, the 37-year-old allegedly impregnated a 15-year-old girl in the U.K.

The site allegedly spoke with the unnamed minor, who stated that not only was she pregnant by him, but she’s already had the baby.

She reportedly said that she met the Compton-bred emcee in a club with an age limit of 18 and over. Fameolous reports that she produced a fake I.D. for admission into the venue and that’s where she ran into Game, who she also allegedly said was not aware that she was only 15.

The now-deleted conversation with Fameolous reportedly showed her complete account of what happened. The site said that they removed the conversation due to fans harassing her.

Source: Fameolous


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