Singing in Yoruba helps me pass messages across – Oyinbo Jesu

At a time when there are fears that the Yoruba language may become endangered soon because the new generation of its people are not being taught the language, a Dutch-Nigerian, Dorien Jacob, aka Oyinbo Jesu, has chosen to sing entirely in Yoruba language.

Speaking to Sunday Scoop, she said, “When God gives you talents, it flows. I’m married to a Yoruba man who loves his culture and music so much. I also love music and that’s one of the bases of attraction between us. My husband is an amazing teacher and he was the one who stirred my interest in singing in Yoruba language. Singing in Yoruba enables one to pass a lot of messages that some other languages may not be able to accommodate. My husband writes the songs, we arrange them together, and I perform them.”

Somehow, Oyinbo Jesu cannot speak Yoruba for now.

“Even though I cannot speak Yoruba language, I understand it amply. I love the Yoruba culture because it is so colourful and warm. Thus far, I have two albums, Oluwa M’odupe (I thank God) and Ijo Ayo (Dance of Joy), but I also have countless songs that haven’t even been released,” she added.

On the reaction of her family to her decision to marry a Yoruba man, Oyinbo Jesu said, “I come from a close-knit home; so, we never had any problem as my family totally supported our marriage. However, they had to get used to the cultural differences because the Nigerian culture is very strong,” she said.

Speaking on her praise programme, she stated, “We put Unstoppable Praise together so that everybody can come and praise God in a conducive atmosphere. It is absolutely free, but we have been able to fund this by the grace of God. There is no point in having a programme to praise God, and people cannot afford it. The good thing is that this is my husband’s home, and he knows the right people and places to go for help. We put in our best in making this programme a reality, but with the understanding that without God’s support, it would all be a waste. We thank God because He has been faithful.”

Source: Punch

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