Tithe is A Tax Paid to the Poor — Majid Michel

Actor cum evangelist, Majid Michel has written his opinion about tithing and what it should stand for. However, according to the actor, the purpose of tithing has been misused by Christians.

“How in the scripture, God established what we call tithing. Tithing was the act of paying God 10% of your income. And notice the emphasis is on “PAYiNG”. You don’t “GiVE” a tithe. A tithe is not a donation. it’s a Tax.

According to the scripture, you owe God 10% of your total income and after you pay God what you owe Him, you then give as God has prospered you. Now i owe God 10% of my income and according to scripture, i owe God 10% of my income on behalf of who? Who was the tithe for?…. For the POOR! YES! The tithe was for the POOR.!

Read how Ruth met Boaz in the Bible and study what we call Gleaning. All was for the poor. Better glass tinted widows, larger pipe organs, better carpet for the floor, better pews for the sanctuary, bigger fellowship hall, better Christian education building, we cheat God and we Rob from God by giving the money back to ourselves when God says it belongs to the poor. in the 70’s statistics said there were about 60million Americans that claim to be born again and committed to the Lordship and Authority of Jesus Christ and believe that the Bible is the word of God. Ok.

These 60million, have a per capita income of 21 thousand dollars a year. This comes to something like 1.2 trillion dollars. if those people were obeying the word of God according to the scripture, it means that 120 billion dollars of their income belongs to the poor. And if Gods people were paying God what they owe Him on Behalf of the poor, there literally will be very little poverty in the world. And so the prophet asked a question, will a person rob God?

i suggest to you that week in and week out, we rob God by not directing our income to where God says it ought to Go. Jesus is my savior. Not my religion. What we fail to realize is that God doesn’t need Your money.

The church does. God is looking at your heart and loves a cheerful giver. if the church expenditure of money received is your issue, then address that. Don’t address giving to the Church. if you do your part, God will do his part ACCORDiNG to His PROMiSE. What the church does with the money has always been an issue. And that should not stop anyone from Giving to the Body of Christ,” the actor turned evangelist wrote.

Source – Juliablaise