2 Die, 4 Hospitalised After Kwara Communal Clashes

It has been reported that no fewer than four persons were hospitalised, on Monday, following severe injuries they sustained during a communal clash between Osi and Etan, two communities in Ekiti Local Government Area of Kwara state.

According to The Sun News, the clash which started on Saturday night, according to local information, was traceable to an age-long dispute between the two communities which has been heightened by the siting of the Kwara south campus of the state owned university, KWASU, at Osi.

The decision by the state government to locate the KWASU campus at Osi had been frowned upon by surrounding villages with some of them arguing that Osi should not lay sole claim to the land on which the campus would be built.

An eyewitness from Osi, who spoke with our correspondent on phone, expressed concern that the clash might be renewed yesterday. As at the time of filing this report, the major market at Osi had been forced to close, following rumours that the two communities were out for a fresh confrontation.

Osi is border town to Odo-Owa which recently had its own clash with another neighbour, Illofa, over the right to the the first to sell new yam at the common market; a development that led to the suspension of the traditional rulers of the two communities.

The whole thing started on Saturday but we all know it is because of the KWASU site. Since the campus was sited at Osi there has been no love lost between her and her neighbours, I hope you know.

So on Saturday, a lady from Osi had a function at Etan and she took a local artiste from Osi to perform for her.

Unfortunately, the people of Etan were said to have refused the artiste a chance, saying they had vowed not to allow anyone from Osi to perform in their village. That was how the confrontation started in the night and as I am talking to you now, at least from Osi side four people have been hospitalised at New Era Hospital because they sustained serious injuries.

Everybody is jittery; the market has been closed abruptly. As a matter of fact, two people I spoke with just before you called said they were running away from the market. The situation is unpredictable and so we need government to step into the matter immediately. You can talk with the police to confirm.

Source – The Sun


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