50 Cent slams Tyrese Gibson, calls him a ‘punk ass Coca-Cola kid’ for saying he’s broke

Soon after Tyrese Gibson recorded an emotional video where he said he was desperate and broke following his legal battle with ex-wife Norma Gibson over their daughter Shayla, rapper 50 Cent has taken to social media to laugh at the actor.

50 Cent who’s widely known for taunting his fellow celebrities who come at him, shared Tyrese Gibson’s emotional video and wrote.’When them pockets is hit boy, God damn LOL.

 ‘Fuck him, he should a mind his business when I was talking to Taraji, he come jumping in like he think we in a fucking movie. Punk ass Coca-Cola kid.’
Lol! 50 Cent slams Tyrese Gibson, calls him a


Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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