Apryl Jones writes about how her body insecurities heightened after she had her kids and a heartbreak

Love and Hip Hop star Apryl Jones, who has two kids with singer Omarion took to her Instagram to post a before and after photo of herself as she wrote about how her body insecurities heightened after she had her kids and a heartbreak.

She wrote;

“There was a point in my life where I didn’t feel pretty or sexy enough. Right after I had my kids and experienced one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life, those insecurities heightened and I felt my body and entire self were far from where I wanted it to be no matter what anyone else saw or thought.
It took a lot of internal healing in order to motivate myself to get up, get at it and strive to be all that I could become emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically…. to be self-motivated enough to chase after it in order to feed this ongoing hunger for growth in all areas of my life. I worked so hard to the point where training each day became more than just achieving my body goals, but a key foundation in my daily routine that served every state of my being.
There was so much of a transformation that people even thought I got work done and I truly take it as a compliment because this is all 100% organically built, butt thighs and all 😘 I’ve been so focused and haven’t looked back until now and goodness… I am truly so grateful for the growth and changes this past year alone Thank you @foundationalprotraining for being a part of my journey”


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