Bees attack thief who stole woofer and force him to return it to the owner (Photos)

A thief was nabbed in Masindi town Uganda after a witch doctor sent bees to smoke him out.

The unidentified man was stung by the insects which perched on is head and chest and forced him to confess.

He marched on the streets in pain as he returned the stolen items to its owner.

The proverbial 40 days of thief became reality to a man who stole music systems in the town of Masindi when a swarm of bees attacked him at his hideout.

The unidentified man was forced to return the stolen woofer after the bees attacked him with stings and making a home on his head, neck and almost half of his body.

Carrying the woofer in one hand and trying in vain with the other to chase the insects, the man marched in the streets without a shirt as he returned the stolen items to the owner in the little Ugandan town.

A guy stole woofers in Masindi town and these bees were sent to arrest him. Someone direct me to the Musawo please,” Facebook user Basudde Sam posted on his page.




  1. Please can someone provide phone number of this witch doctor. we need these bees to smoke out all those government officials, in Nigeria, stealing our money. EFCC smoke is not enough.

  2. That is a very good judgment for him. Next time he would not try to steal again. If such can happen in Nigeria, those thieves would reduce drastically.

  3. crazy world come and fish out those looting our money###naija nor fall your hand with #bribe # very important and vital cause we have been living fine with it #


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