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A young boy who wore braids to school, has been kicked out of his class during lessons, a development which has caused quite an uproar.

A mother says she had to take her son home after he was put into isolation for having braids.
Trisha Jukes, 34, says 15-year-old Jordan Waterfield, was kicked out of class after returning to school following the half term holidays.
But teachers at RSA Academy in Tipton, West Midlands, put him into isolation saying his haircut was extreme. She said that Jordan was so upset he called her and said she had to go and pick him up from isolation.
Trisha, a college student, said: ‘I never imagined there’d be a problem with Jordan’s hair, girls go to school with plaits in, so why couldn’t my son.
‘As soon as I found out that he was put in isolation I was shocked, his hair cut wasn’t bothering anyone. ‘It’s a shame that he has missed out on a big chunk of education for the day just because of his hair.
‘If other people in his school are allowed to have plaits in their hair, my son should be too. It isn’t an ‘extreme haircut’ in the slightest.’ She claimed that Jordan was sent home from school but when she called they told her to bring him back.
She added:  ‘Jordan has been going to that school for four years and nothing like this has ever happened with regards to his hair. His hair cut wasn’t doing anything to effect his learning – but sending him home from school is.
‘Jordan had been watching a lot of YouTube videos and decided that he wanted to have his hair braided. It was getting long on the top, and he wanted it even longer, so he decided to get it braided.
‘The braids were only tied together by small black elastic bands – and the rest of his uniform was immaculate. As soon as Jordan returned home last Wednesday at lunchtime, I spoke to the school and complained.
‘After being passed from one member of staff to the next, I was told Jordan was allowed back into school a few hours later.’
To try and tidy it up he had his hair cut shorter and had two lines shaved into this head, further irritating staff at the school.
Trisha said: ‘He went back into school on Wednesday and everything was fine – even when he went back into school on Thursday they hadn’t noticed his new haircut.

Pic by Laura Dale / Caters News (PICTURED: Jordan Waterfields braids. Pictured at their home in Birmingham on 08 November 2017.) – A mother-of-two has been left furious after claiming her son was sent home from school for having braids. Trisha Jukes,34, claims her 15-year-old son, Jordan Waterfield,,was sent to isolation for having his hair braided. The 15-year-old returned to school after half term with the top of his hair braided, whilst the sides were left long. However upon returning to the RSA Academy, Tipton, West Mids, last Wednesday, November 8,Jordan was sent straight to isolation for his extreme haircut. Trisha then received an upset phone call from her son who said she had to pick him up from isolation. SEE CATERS COPY

‘It wasn’t until Friday morning that I received a phone call from the school telling me that they had put him into isolation because of the lines in his hair.
’I was told that I either had to shave the lines out, or he would be in isolation until they grew out.
‘The only problem is, if I shave them out of his hair, it means his hair will be even shorter and subsequently even messier.’
The RSA Academy declined to comment.

Source: MetroUK

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