Checkout Plans To Build Nigerian World Class University In Ghana

The owners of Landmark and Covenant Universities have set sights on the establishment of an ultra modern tertiary institution in Ghana, West Africa.
Winners Chapel International has pledged to establish a university in Ghana to cater for the educational advancement of the youth of the nation.
According to the National Pastor, James Muyiwa, the educational institution will be a world class university.
Addressing thousands of members of the church Winners Chapel home coming ceremony over the weekend, Pastor Muyiwa said the church is ready to give back to the society.
“Very shortly, we shall be unveiling to the members of the public the world class university which the ministry intends to build in Ghana to cater for the educational advancement of the youth of the nation. Our ministry is people friendly as it was founded on the platform of a God driven vision to help people and specifically to liberate the whole world from all the oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the Word of Faith.
“Wherever this ministry is found, we have always been a blessing to that Community. Apart from preaching the message of faith with diverse testimonies of healings, deliverances and breakthroughs in the lives of the people, we teach other practical aspects of life which have always been a great blessing to the people involved.”
Pastor Muyiwa added that God has seen the church through all the hard times since its establishment in Ghana.
“God has been exceptionally good to us in this commission and especially in this country. It is therefore our bounden duty to appreciate Him and acknowledge Him for making our case truly different in all aspects of life”.


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