Chimbalin is an ingrate, allegations are false –Harrysong’s manager

A few days to the release of Harrysong’s album, the producer of his hit song, Tribute to Mandela, known as Chimbalin, alleged that he was used and dumped by the singer.

According to him, Harrysong reneged on their agreement. Chimbalin said he was promised 10 per cent of the proceeds should Tribute to Mandela make it to MTN’s caller ring back tune.

However, in a chat with Sunday Scoop, Harrysong’s manager, Desmond Ike, described Chimbalin as an ingrate, who was seeking undue attention.

He said, “Chimbalin is an ingrate; he is just looking for relevance. The fact that you produced a hit song doesn’t give you the right to demand a cut from its proceeds. The song was even produced at Five Star Music, which was Harrysong’s former record company and whatever money was made didn’t go to Harrysong directly. So, why is he after Harrysong?

“Does he have proof that Harrysong promised him money? Anybody can make spurious claims. Once they see you succeed, they start to make bogus claims. Chimbalin already said there was no document to that effect. Besides, did he or anyone know that the song would become a hit? Only God and the people on the streets can make a song a hit.”

Still speaking on behalf of Harrysong, Ike said if Harrysong owed him, he should have channelled his grievances directly to the singer.

“Harrysong brought Chimbalin to Lagos to stay with him. When he signed a record deal, he left his house for Chimbalin and another person. When they could not keep up with the rent, they left.

“He later came to Harrysong that he needed a house and he helped him to get an apartment in Opebi, Lagos, where he stayed until recently. Since you have access to Harrysong and you have grievances, why didn’t you meet with him?” he stated.

When Sunday Scoop requested to hear from the horse’s mouth, he said, “You don’t need to speak with Harrysong; this is Harrysong speaking. I am telling you things from his standpoint. I am saying things that Harrysong may not even say to you.”

source: Punch


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