Daddy Freeze Loses Instagram Account For The Second Time This Week

Few days after losing access to his Instagram account, Daddy Freeze’s handle has been suspended once again. The controversial On-Air personality has been vocal on the #Freethesheeple movement seen by many as an attack on Nigerian Pentecostal clergymen.

Freeze has incurred the wrath of many Christians who regard him as ‘an accuser of the brethren’ while his teeming supporters look up to him as a ‘freedom fighter’. He was recently in a ‘beef’ with singer Timi Dakolo who called him out for his continuous criticism of Christian leaders.

A backup account announced the suspension of the popular @daddyfreeze account. ‘Account has been hacked again. Once again we arrive at this backup account.’

Several of his followers are already on the new page, offering messages of solidarity for the controversial media professional.

‘erm_eye@daddyfrz I think the account was taken down after too many reports on the account from the enemies. It’s one of the limitations of social media monitoring by owning companies since it’s an automated process, once a couple of people report, the account automatically gets removed. Social media companies should make efforts to confirms reports, this is just simple witch hunting.’

‘phykykoothHacking your account won’t stop the truth. What do you expect from yahoo men?’

micjeremiahIsn’t it obvious already? That persecution is a sure sign of preaching the Truth not necessarily applauses?! If you think what he’s saying is wrong, debate the scripture with him and stop all these nonsense hacks. It only proves that he has been speaking the truth all along.


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