Dear Blackface And Eedris, Do The Music And Stop Talking Nonsense- 2Baba

Appearing to have finally had enough of all the shots Blackface and Eedris Abdulkareem thrown at him through the years, 2Baba snapped and directly (almost for the first time) reacted to them both, telling them to do great music as they say they do and stop talking about him.

The artiste formerly known as 2face was reacting to a recent interview Blackface granted on the Loose Talk Podcast where for the (4007th) time, Blackface claimed that he taught his former bandmate everything that he knows and is responsible for all the success he’s had as well as blaming 2face for the Plantashun Boiz breakup.

Tuface took to twitter to tweet:

‘We already had a plan, but 2face wanted to do something different’ he said. ‘I and Faze were surprised. ‘How come you saying that now’. Olisa told me we were going to do something different, that it wasn’t about Nigeria this time, that he was taking Plantashun Boiz to the next level, which is out of the shores of Nigeria, Africa.’

2face would spilt, go on and become the most successful musician of his era. Thirteen years later, he has finally had enough of all the name calling and simply tweeted ‘ I’m 2 busy so this is the only advice and response u’re gonna get from me. una fit resume una nonsense rants’

source: Twitter


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