‘Enough is enough! Are we the ones paying for the 2019 election?’ – Caroline Danjuma slams Lekki concession centre’s plan to increase toll gate fare

The Lekki Concession Centre have informed Lagos motorists of their plan to increase the fare on Admiralty toll gate and Lekki-Ikoyi Link bridge toll gate from November 8th 2017.

Musa Danjuma’s ex-wife, Caroline is however not having it and is calling on Nigerians to join her in a peaceful protest against the government, as she feels low income earners working on the Island can’t afford it and they’re not supposed to be indirectly extorted to pay for the 2019 election. According to her,


On my out of Lekki this morning I received this notifying me that within 4 days there will be an increment to the toll gate tariff.. The question is what do this Govt take the citizens for.. ATM machines they can collect from at will??.. things are extremely tough in this country for the lay man . Suicidal rate is extremely high .. Drug abuse is now a norm because people are trying to get high to get away from the pain, leading to the deaths of young vibrant youths in the society .

I would like to know in details and statistics what the government uses our taxes for . 1. The hard currency rate is still increasing against the Naira.. this alone affects business’s both existing and new .. a lot of companies have gone further to let go of their staff due to the fact they can’t meet up with the expenses , some have even gone as far as closing down . Unemployment is extremely high, kids are out of school , innovation is halted , no capital to run it .

2. If this increment is for the refurbishment of state hospitals , are we going to get free medicals with our NHS number? Last time I went to LUTH I had to buy the doctor literally everything including hand gloves before he could operate on the man I volunteered to help .

3. Is it to rebrand the police force? Will they have better accommodation than the deplorable one they live in now? Will they be well equipped and well trained? Will they be paid a substantial salary which will stop them from collecting bribes on the road?

4. Will all these taxes be used to build rehabs and homes for the homeless? Pls note that NGO’s are operated by individuals n not the Gov. We pay all sorts of taxes in this country with very few accounted for , all the government does is create new ways of taking money from the masses and at their own will, they impose it without a care in the world . With this new tariff, there will be increment in transportation fare, resulting to increase in salary . More buisness will close down , more people will be jobless , more people will be prone to suicide and drug abuse , people can hardly pay for their rent.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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