Ex Lover Tries To Kill His Partner’s New Boyfriend

A jilted lover has tried to kill his new partner’s boyfriend by angrily smashing a meat cleaver into the man’s skull.

Anthony Thompson, a 28-year-old man who had been jilted by his lover, smashed a meat cleaver into the skull of his ex-partner’s new boyfriend, Cameron Sharp, after lying in wait outside her home.
According to The Sun UK, the young man told Cameron Sharp, “I am going to kill you, you’re a f***ing dead man” after ambushing him in the street in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester.
Mr Sharp was forced to remove the meat cleaver from his own head after being stabbed and slashed with the six-inch blade before it was left embedded in his skull.
Thompson had already warned his victim he was a “dead man walking” after finding out he was dating ex-partner Nicola Crossley and looking after his four-year-old son.
The dad-of-one pleaded guilty to attempted murder at Manchester Crown Court and was jailed for life. He will serve a minimum of ten years.
The court heard Thompson had been in “turbulent and violent” four relationship with 30-year old Miss Crossley, during which the couple had a son before they broke up in 2016.
He had already been banned from contacting her and was set to stand trial for harassment at the time of the attack on September 2 last year.
Prosecuting, Andrew MacIntosh said: “On the day of the attack, Cameron had been staying with Nicola and about 6am left her address to go to his parents house. He was walking towards Radcliffe when he heard a car behind him.
“Cameron describes being chased and the defendant grabbed his left arm and by the throat pulling him against the railings and trying to hit him. He was hit about three of four times.
“He could feel blood running down his face and managed to break free, shouting for help from passers by. He ran across the junction, pursued by the defendant and was struck with what he called the ‘last blow’.
“The last he saw of the defendant was him running back towards Nicola’s house. He managed to phone Nicola and told her to get out of the house.”
The court was told Mr Sharp still suffered numbness and severe headaches as a result of the attack.
Defending, Amos Waldman said: “This attack was wholly disproportionate but these were exceptional events.
“He became frustrated and concerned about the care of his young son. It was on the basis of that information that he attended his ex-partners address and says when he saw the complainant he lost control of his emotions and launched the attack.”
“The defendant is extremely remorseful.”
Sentencing, Judge David Stockdale said: “The circumstances of this incident are disturbing in the extreme.
“This was a premeditated attack on a public street with a deadly weapon. It was a sustained attack and you pursued him and struck him many times even when he was on the ground.
“You are in my view, a particularly dangerous man, having attacked an innocent man to the head. It is implicit that when you attacked him you intended to kill him. You made your intention clear in the words you uttered when you attacked him and his appalling injuries speak for themselves.”

Source: The Sun UK

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