First Lady Of The United States Goes Back To Elementary School | Photo

Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump has returned to elementary school to study Japanese calligraphy.

No fewer than 300 pupils were on hand to welcome U.S. first lady Melania Trump as she arrived at a Tokyo elementary school to learn Japanese calligraphy.
She visited the school Monday with her Japanese counterpart, Akie Abe.
Melania Trump wrote the first character of the Japanese word for “peace,” as Akie Abe wrote the second.
The U.S. first lady posed for photos, shook hands and exchanged high fives with the school children.
She is accompanying her husband, Donald Trump, on his first Asian tour as president, which began in Japan.
On Sunday, the two first ladies heard about the history of cultivated pearls at a jewelry shop in downtown Tokyo and joined their husbands for a private dinner at a Japanese steak house.

Source: NAN


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