Government is cheating Nigerian TV stations, says Mursty Adinoyi

MURSTY Adinoyi, presenter-producer of the award-winning TV entertainment programme, Hitlist N Cruzin, has said the Nigerian government is systematically cheating the Nigerian TV industry.

Adinoyi asserted that many Nigerian TV stations are in distress, struggling to survive and cannot pay salaries just because of government’s policy that alcohol adverts should only be shown on local TV from 10pm. He said this policy has made advertisers of such products shift their adverts to cable stations.

“The rationale behind their decision is that they don’t want minors to see the alcohol adverts on TV, right, but that is not justified because those same minors watch DStv and see those same adverts and in the daytime for that matter,” said Adinoyi.

“The sad thing about the policy is that it’s Nigeria and Nigerians it’s affecting. Guinness spends a billion on its adverts and all that money goes to just a single entity when it should go round all TV stations. And the money doesn’t even come to Nigeria as it goes to a foreign body so Nigeria is losing totally because if the money was spent on our local TV stations, it will lead to job creation and grow our economy.

“So what I’m saying is there should be a level playing field. If satellite TV is allowed to show alcohol adverts, local TV should be allowed to, especially as the minors they don’t want to see the adverts are seeing them after all on satellite TV.”

source: Thenation

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