Man Who Traveled For A Party Found Dead | Photo

The family members of a Nigerian man who left Lagos for a party in Ogun state have been left in a state of shock after his mutilated body was returned to them.

A young unidentified Nigerian man has been found dead in a rather suspicious manner after leaving Lagos for party in Ogun state with friends. People are suspicious that the man may have been killed by some unknown persons who are now trying to cover it up.
Maiyegun’s Diary reported that the mutilated body of the man was returned to the parents.
“The death of a young man is yet to unraveled after passing away in a suspicious manner. The man and his friends reportedly left Lagos to Abeokuta, Ogun state for a party but his mutilated body was returned to his family with the claim that their car involved in accident and the man was the only victim.
Even though the story of his death is suspicious, the accident scene and the car involved can’t be verified or spotted. One of his eyes was reportedly removed with no explanation.” Maiyegun’s Dairy wrote.

Source: Maiyegun’s Diary

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