Men like varieties – Ali Baba commends female pastor for telling women the truth about men

Some pastors are known to say things the way they are while some will hide under flowery words to express their views on issues. Veteran comedian Ali Baba was stunned when he saw a video of a female pastor advising women on how to keep their husbands from jumping from one woman to another.

After watching the video titled Understanding how a man’s mind works which Ali Baba captioned:

“Some pastors are bold when they speak on issues… Some are emboldened by the gravity of the issue at hand”

The pastor in the video was charging women on how to keep their husband, men to themselves alone. She was blunt when she told her congregation about the natural nature of men. She told them that naturally a man cannot stick to a woman for long and that if they want to keep him to themselves alone they have to turn themselves to different kind of ladies.

Read excerpts of the video below:

“It has been discovered that the male specie likes varieties and because your husband is conscious he cannot be meeting with every woman so you have to give him varieties. You have to be unpredictable to your husband that the man doesn’t know what he will meet at home. Be the variety your husband wants.”


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