Nigerian Ladies Complain About My Nature, Looks”- Actor Yomi Fabiyi, Reveals His Ordeals Before He Met His British Ex-Wife

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has come out to reveal his experiences with Nigerian ladies, stated that they complained about his looks, nature.

The controversial actor, via Instagram, recounts how he was turned down by Nigerian ladies before he met his British ex-wife.

He wrote;

Marrying Fran 5yrs ago met some criticisms, but truthfully I have never nurse the idea that a Nigerian woman is not good for me in marriage. Jokes apart, they are d best.
Before the particular trip to the UK that linked me with my wife, I was emotionally down, lonely and unhappy cos things couldnt work out between my baby mama and I. Before Fran, most ladies I woed then did not hide disdain, they complain about my stature, some say I’m big or ugly, some complain about my nature etc. Nothing they complained about that can’t be tolerated or corrected. Unintelligent people complain about people’s nature just like Joseph’s elder brothers.
From the moment Fran and I saw eye to eye at Manchester Picaddily Train Station, she began to echo admirable encos. She is 9yrs older. She makes me feel complete, showed readiness to support me, gave me strength, shared my pain with regards to my son METOMI MOYINOLUWA FABIYI.
Fran’s decision to then fly to Nigeria, marry me with “NOTION” dat as step mum we will travel to South Africa to sort “access” to my son. Even when I told her I dnt have POLY or UNI education, she accepted me. Meanwhile I assumed everybody know I ve being travelling to d UK, mo tan ra mi(decieved myself). If for papers, it would be MEDIA BLACKOUT but am clean.
My wife and I will always be good friends. Don’t mock me oh, I’m always proud I sent invitation(×2) to an ‘OYINBO’ to visit Nigeria, bearing in mind they were once our colonial masters. Our agreement was never to live in UK from inception. My career was just gathering shape then and the only lapses.
Marriage btw Nigerians is not just about the couple only, it is between families and that part is unique and I value that. It is malicous for any1 to say I dnt like Nigerians girls, I was just unlucky or unfit for .
More reason I found it laughable wen a strange lady claimed I chased her out of my car 9years ago cos of sex, this was wen I needed a relationship. She’d be more beautiful then oh. Her story never add up, DOUBT SEEING HER before, no memory of ever chasing any1 out of my car. The blackmail is either sponsored or she acted alone.

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