Nigerians react after a Police woman uploaded this photo online

Check out this very cute Female Nigerian Police officer who has gone viral after a picture of her was shared online.

Some Nigerian men are begging this beautiful female police officer to arrest them after she uploaded this pretty photo on social media.

This is a Hausa police officer named Abdulazeez Fatima is currently setting Instagram on fire. The young woman exudes a flawless and natural black beauty.

“She is not like the usual female police officer that make you imagine hell when you see them” an excited social media user said. She stands out among her colleagues.

See reactions below:



  1. It is not about facial appearance: It is about her resolve to discharge her official duties with honesty, sincerity and dedication. She should be reminded that the international community has termed our Nigerian Police Force the worst in the world. So there is need for her to work assidously to redeem the image of the force locally and internationally.

  2. Dont be decievd by d outward beauty, such inocent looking personality, may most times b tough and merciless, may her inner beauty tally wt her charming appearance. friends b careful.


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