Police office threaten to kill youths in Ogun State

An officer of the Ogun State Police Command was caught on Video threatening to shoot two people without fear of any consequence to him has emerged online.

The video, which was posted on Thursday by Gallas Kolawole Oluwaseyi Boanerges on Facebook, shows a policeman aiming his gun at two young men sitting on the ground.

Gallas Kolawole Oluwaseyi Boanerges, who indicates that the video was recorded around the Akute/Alagbole/Ojodu/Ajuwon axis of Ogun State, explains on his timeline where three videos are posted that the men being threatened were accused of doing Yahoo yahoo (cyber fraud).

One of the videos shows a metallic grey Honda car with policemen and a crowd of onlookers around it.

The conversation between the car’s occupant(s) and the police could not be heard. The policeman eventually enters the car and the video ends.

However, the two other videos tell a different story. From the explanation of the policeman who seems to be very angry in both videos, it could be deduced that he had lost his police uniform and was asking the men to produce it.

“…I told them not to pick it,” the video starts mid-way. “After I searched them, I left them. On my way going… ah, where is my uniform? I came back to the point. I can’t find it. I thank god I just see them.

“You guys, it’s either I kill you throway, station is your house. Please, help me look for okada.

“May god punish your baba. I’m ready to kill you and nothing will happen. I will kill you throway! Just stay where you are,” the policeman rants as one of the men sitting down raises a feeble voice in protest as the 35-second video ends.

A second part of the video, which was also posted by the same person, shows the two young men squatting, as the policeman frantically operates his phone while cursing the young men.

The time the event took place has not been ascertained, neither has The Punch been able to determine what eventually happened as a correspondence sent to Gallas Kolawole Oluwaseyi Boanerges has not been responded to.

Source: ( Punch Newspaper)