Ramsey Nouah, Alibaba for ‘The Accidental Spy’

PRODUCERS of box office hits, ’30 Days in Atlanta’, ‘A Trip to Jamaica’ and ’10 days in Sun City’, have unveiled their December offering, titled ‘The Accidental Spy’.

Described as intriguing and comedy-filled, the movie is a co-production of Peekaboo Productions and Corporate World Entertainment. It was shot on location in Lagos, London and Amsterdam, and is set to hit cinemas across Nigeria from December 1, 2017.

‘The Accidental Spy’ tells the story of IT specialist, Emmanuel Prince, who gets blindsided by his cheating girlfriend. When Prince travels to London and signs up for a reality show to take his mind off his recent woes, he unwittingly gets caught in the middle of a plot by a powerful Nigerian criminal cartel.

The movie features a multi-continent and diversely talented cast AY, Ramsey Nouah, Alibaba, Emma Oh My God, Rahama Sadau, David Jones David, Bucci Franklin, Bryan Okwara, Hollywood actor, Miguel Nunez Jr. (Juwana Man), South African star, Thenjiwe Moseley (10 Days In Sun City), and British debutante, Christine Allado, to name a few.

Lead writer and producer of the movie, Darlington Abuda describes ‘The Accidental Spy’ as a labour of love.

“I can’t think of a better way to enter the December festive season. I am indeed elated by the fact that movie-lovers across Nigeria and in various other territories are going to enjoy this potpourri of love, laughter and action. We shot the movie with the mindset of giving Nigerians an awesome cinematic experience. I’ve always wanted to make a film in London. It’s obviously one of the great cities of the world, and when you make a film in a foreign city you get a chance to really experience and imbibe their culture,” he said.

source: Thenation

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