Sade Okoya is new queen of high society

THE kingdom of fame is a pyramid with many tiers, and Sade Okoya is at the very top, holding sway as the queen of high society. She has meticulously dethroned her rivals and made herself indispensable on the social scene.

No high octane event is complete without the presence of the youngest wife of Aare Rasaq Akanni Okoya of the Eleganza fame. She leaves nothing to chance and never fails to stun at every occasion in her eye-popping outfits.

The managing director of Eleganza Industrial City is an expert in the subtle art of leaving mouths agape with her sense of style. Such was the case at the recent wedding of Senate President Bukola Saraki’s daughter. Sade Okoya’s daring choice of outfit was a hit back to back. The jewel in the crown of Aare Okoya is determined not to relent in wowing the social scene with her magic.

In a move befitting her status as one of the most stylish ladies around, she will feature on the cover of the next issue of Ovation magazine.

source: Thenation


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