What does it take to get your attention? Emmanuel Ugolee writes on Ebuka’s trending outfit

Read his piece below…

One of the reasons I go to sleep well at night is the thought of the legion who could correctly say I was a vital stepping stone in their journey up life’s ladder. A large chunk being the entertainment world and boy am I proud of what more than a few of them have become.


Exceptional in this regard is Ebuka Obi Uchendu in whom I am well pleased. Ironically, not entirely for the same reasons he is becoming a serial world record internet breaker. Lol


In fact, the contrast between both the reasons is the reason I write this.


Have you met the young man in person? The air around him leaves him helplessly likeable. Humbly strange for someone who knows many find his look striking. Ebuka is violently intelligent and his sense of humor is hardly rivaled. The character behind the 6 foot plus hunk is even more imposing. I saw a post once in IG where someone was asking God to give him a friend like whoever had that Banky proposal picture taken and kept the secret for that long. I said lucky me, he was my friend for a few months but has been my brother for 11years. Ebuka, my no 1 confidant today


Lets say not all may get a chance to see this personal side to him so what about his public professional performance?


Armed with a masters degree in entertainment law from American University in DC, but for radio, Ebuka has been outstanding in every genre he has touched. Remarkable columnist for This day newspaper for years. Great TV host on Channels TV.  As monstrously successful a host as IK had been with the BB franchise, not one tweet from the public  insinuated he was missed when Ebuka came through. One of the surviving two and the most relevant of the 12 housemates we loved in 2006. He refused to let that 11 week window he got close.


In all of this, with all of his hard work, I haven’t read a single article praising the young man for his successes and labour. They have neither been I itemised or hailed as a source of inspiration.


But alas! He has shown again for the second time what it takes to make the world go gaga for you. First by wrongfully parking his organ and now by wearing one attire.


Is this what it takes to get your attention dear youth generation of ours? How many more people go completely unnoticed with amazing feats achieved  because of what we worry about the most.


The best Debola got for making Obama rise to his feet was a few tweets from his close friends. Common people, didn’t that deserve to trend too? Does Kemi Adetigba need a mans attire to be acknowledged for what she’s doing in the male dominated world of directing? Common people.


I am absolutely certain that in 50years when our children’s children recount the legends of our generation, Ebuka would not wish to be remembered as the one that wore the Agbada. That’s no Wole Soyinka Maya Angelo status biko.


So dear youngster looking for Ebukas tailor to out slay him, please look for the books he read 1st and out do the little he has tried to achieve.


Emma Ugolee.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog

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