Teacher Caught On Camera Taking Cocaine In Classroom

A teacher has been caught om camera snorting cocaine in the classroom before she was then taken away by police officers who stormed the place.

Samantha Cox, a 24-year-old teacher has been arrested after she was allegedly caught on camera by a pupil snorting cocaine in her classroom.
According to Daily Star UK, Samantha Cox, was marched out of Lake Central High School in Indiana after a pupil filmed her cutting up lines of white powder on a binder before leaning over it.
Footage of the English teacher was taken outside her locked classroom at 10.30am.
The pupil shared the video with classmates and, later, other staff who called the police.
Indiana state cops then arrested Cox on drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges.
The pupil, named only as Will, said: “She was in the corner hiding with a chair and a book, and what appeared to be cocaine, putting it into lines.
“I actually watched the footage again and again, and I realised – my English teacher just did cocaine.”
Officers later said the substance she was caught snorting could have been a mix of heroin and cocaine.
Cox was released from Lake County Jail on Wednesday after posting a £750 bond.
Following her arrest, some pupils said they were concerned about Cox’s wellbeing.
Michael Sanchez said: It’s like a serious thing.
“A lot of people can get addicted to a lot of things, and something like this is, it’s very heartbreaking.”

Source: DailyStarUK

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