(Viral Video) Inmate counting cash while locked in jail cell goes viral, causes panic among prison bosses

An inmate at the Kgosi Mampuru II Central Correctional Centre in Tshwane was caught on camera while counting cash. Video of the otherwise disallowed act was shared on social media and immediately went viral.

The prisoner can even be heard bragging as he counts the Ksh 5000 notes. “I am eating money my brother. I am not playing,” the offender tells his fellow inmate as he continued to count the notes.

The video has since grabbed attention of the prison bosses and they are not happy. The inmates are not allowed be in possession of cash under the prison’s policy.

“It is a breach of security and contravention of the department’s policy on the cashless system for offenders in correctional facilities,” says Ofentse Morwane, communications co-coordinator in Gauteng.

The prisoner in question has already been picked up from his cell to unknown location as investigation into his unbecoming behavior gets underway. Prisoner filmed counting cash in his cell. (TUKO.KE)

Watch Video;


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