“You will be caught pants down” – Bisi Alimi slams closeted Nigerian homophobes

Gay Right activist, Bisi Alimi, who called out Bovi and Akpororo over their homophobic jokes is back again and this time, closeted homophobes are on his radar.

Bisi Alimi who shared a photo of Wes Goodman, a Republican state legislators in Ohio House of Representatives, and an anti-gay right activist caught pants down with a man in his office, wrote;

“To all the homophobes that pitch their tenth on my TL, you will be next in Jesus name. I am talking about you Nigerians, both male and female, you will be caught pants down, dick hard with cum on your face and your head in between a vagina if you are a woman.
I pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Can someone please shout amen?!?”

Bisi Alimi


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