YINKA RYTHMZ How I combine music with pharmacy

I was born into music because my late father was one of the legend of Fuji music. He was popularly known as Alhaji Rasheed Adio, a.k.a Second Barrister, Mr. Somebody. He was the first Fuji artist to be signed by King Sunny Ade into his label Sigma Disc Records. He was the only Fuji artiste in the award-winning multi-collaboration album “The Way Forward” produced by KSA and Charlie Boy.

How easy has it been combining pharmacy and music?

Music defines my mood while pharmaceutical aspect of my life defines my career and my pocket.

How will you describe music in USA?

Music in the United States is nothing but something I categorise to be “weird”. Music is a universal language and the acceptance of all genres of music has been something you can look into that can help a nation to think twice before fighting for things that are not worth fighting for. All genres of music here in America are vastly accepted and well honoured.

How many albums have you released?

I am actually working on series of albums. I have released two singles out of my 10 tracks digital album. I have two analogue albums with six tracks of 15mins tracks ready-to-go.

You have some shows which you put together in USA, what is the motive behind them?

My main motive is for people to experience my music in its originality. Live shows have taken turns and the digital world is slowly swallowing the originality of all music. And in addition, travelling around states, cities, towns of America, is a way of creating jobs for some of our instrumentalists who are still handicapped in the area of being privileged of staying in the US. So they can send stuffs to their family back home, we do music while we are helping ourselves to help others.

What else do you do apart from music and pharmacy?

I am a single father, I am choir leader. I am the social secretary to the great Unique Club of Las Vegas. I am an entrepreneur and I am a lover of good life.

Which musician can you call your role model, both in Nigeria and internationally,

and why?

I actually have quite few. King Sunny Ade; my dad, the late Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister; the late Alhaji Dauda Epo Akara in Nigeria. Internationally, Bob Marley and Jill Scott. I love these people’s choices of tunes with the messages they try to pass across with their music. All of these great musicians are similar in their music when you look closely.

Have you had any embarrassing moment in the course of your music career?

Laugh. Yes, of course, I remember the incident during gbas-gbos tours in New Jersey when we entered the venue and found out there was no promotion made or prior information that we were coming. The owner of the lounge felt really bad and she got on her phone and managed to call over 20 guests and in addition to their regular patronising customers. So we ended up having about 55 people in the building of 350-people capacity and we performed, we ain’t got any choice.

Musicians and actors are ladies’ men, how have you been handling this?

Yes, moreover for some of us that God has blessed with great features, it is self-discipline and great communication. It’s just as simple as that. You need them and they need you the most. Music is a therapeutic source, so you have to be psychologically ready for any circumstance that you may find yourself.

Where do you expect music by Africans in USA to be in four years?

It’s actually happening already. For example, Nigeria hip hop artistes are collaborating with top notch in the American music industry. I believe

that in four years, there will be more categories for African artists in Diaspora in the Grammy Awards, Golden Globes Award, VH1 and many more. There will also be more airtime exhibition of African music on radio, TVs and all music media.

What do you have for your fans and lovers?

I have got a lot cooking, inventions and never before seen or heard projects coming. I am taking live band and live performances into a whole different platform.

Where is your best holiday city?

I love Maui a lot; San Francisco is my second best.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I love shopping and viewing nature. I spend most of my leisure time bonding with my kids. I learn new things from those little ones.

What gives you inspiration to perform at any show?

Life itself gives me a whole lot of inspiration. As a leader of a 13-man band with different characters, attitudes and ways of life, I tend to listen to their stories and life experiences while we are together. I factor all these stories into the lives of my audience so as to know how I can change their mood for the short period of time they will be listening to me and it has been working for me. I also see it as a challenge every time I travel to perform from one city to another. But all in all, I give all glory to God because if not for God, I don’t know who I’d be. That’s why I always say I am somebody in his body; I am Yinka Rythmz through God that strengthens me.

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