2017 has been quite an eventful year for Nigeria and most especially the social media . As its common with human relationships, people will always inspire others as a result of what they do, who they and most of all how they influence our lives. and rightfully our duty, we bring you the top 5 people who caused the social media to go AGOG with negative and positive news. Enjoy


Not only is Nathaniel Bassey one of the most talented and revered gospel minister, he is also responsible for making the social media burst with spiritual fervor. In 2017, Nathaniel Bassey brought the world a-buzzing with spiritual exercises on Instagram.He expertly used social media to gather Christians online in a manner that no one before him had done; the exercise popularly known as the #HallelujahChallenge. this lasted for a month and Christians tuned in to his live ministrations. It was said that a point over 50,000 people were streaming his concerts live.




Now this is one man that turned the whole country hay-wire whenever he graced us with controversial videos and tweets. He is known as one of the most controversial personalities on the social network. From bringing up the issue of tithing and controversial questions that tread on spiritual matters, freeze has given confidence to a lot of Nigerians to speak up on such matters.







He has definitely redefined what memes are on Instagram and other media at large. Unarguably one of the most popular Yoruba actors in the country, Odunlade has become a permanent emoji because of his hilarious facial expressions. Kudos bro.








Not only does the ever present socialite always makes a fashion statement, she makes the social media buzz all the freaking time! She has become one of the most controversial socialites to ever grace the media. From the marriage scandal to becoming a very spiritual somebody to a writer and an accused “husband snatcher” like her or not; Toke still makes buzzing look cool.





Now this is an example of a person who makes bad situations look good. So much has happened to and for this young cross dresser in 2017. He jumps from one controversy to another like a child jumping on a trampoline. The weirdest thing is he thrives on it and it still seems he is doing just fine with it.









Who do you think we missed?