2017 Top 5 Most Stylish Celebrities In Nigeria

In the fashion industry, there are women who set the trend for others to follow. Among the many Beautiful celebrity women who grace our red carpets, here are the top 5 who have wowed us every time they “show”. enjoy!



She is sure one who sets trends as she never has a bad moment on the red carpet or anywhere else you’ll find her for that matter. who ever styles her stylist is sure born for this!



Not only is she a wife, Mother and entrepreneur, she is also a style goddess on the red carpet. With being in front of the limelight for so long, she sure hasn’t slowed down on the fashion scene. She definitely is an example of the popular saying; You can have it all!





The newly wed actress has fast become a fashion forward entity. Every time she shows up weather on the red carpet or the social media, she stops the show! Of recent, her styles have been rocking the social media.






The former MTN Project Fame crooner has not shrunk from  the lime light one bit. With her unconventional hairstyles and her tom-boyishness, she sure is one to beat in the fashion industry.







This is a woman who will not be caught dead committing a fashion faux-pas. she is a wife, Mother of two, actress, she has recently added being a fashion house owner   to her accolades!