4 young boys Gang Rape A JSS2 Girl In Ghana (+18 Video)

A video of 4 young men forcing themselves on an innocent young girl about Jss2 has gone viral on many social media platforms. The video is said to be emanating from Kumasi the capital of Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The video is fast circulating and majority of the comments have been calling on the Ghanaian Police to do everything they can to locate and arrest the wicked boys and punish them severely.

We want to also add our voice to this call, we pray and wish these wicked guys be arrested as soon as possible and face punishment severely to serve as a deterrent to others with such rapist tendencies and attitudes.

No Means No, As a matter of fact a teenage does not even have the ability to give concent

Twitter user a @nakofi1 was the one who originally posted the video,

The Twitter user however said he has contacted the Ghanaian police commission and uploaded it to their whatsapp number.

Before you watch this video, make sure you’re not an emotional person. It’s disturbing

Watch the video here!


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