5 Acts To Look Out For In 2018

As the veterans are aging there’s room for the new bees to come forth and shine. The Nigerian entertainment industry is growing more sophisticated and dynamic every day. Therefore, there’s need for more acts that fit into such dynamism. here, we bring you the acts that have shown that they cannot be over looked. we bring you the new bees that are already creating a niche for themselves telling us that the sky is big enough for all to fly!

  1. Sharon Ooja

The extremely talented and stunning beauty has proven to us that she has got what it takes to rock as a star. She won us over with her dazzling smile and bubbly personality and definitely her classy style in the web series “Skinny Girl In Transit”. She sure is one to beat in the upcoming year!







2.  Seun Ajayi

Now this is an act we cannot ignore. With his ever growing accolades that shows no sign of slowing down, Seun Ajayi has featured in movies like the Etisalat Prize for Literature short film “Closed” where he played the role of Juwon. His interpretation of the roles given him, reiterates an already established fact; Ajayi is an outstanding performer. His ability to bring humor from unexpected moments makes his character exciting watch. He passes tons of messages without speaking even a word. His ability to effortlessly convey so many emotions with his face is what makes Ajayi one of the finest actors of his generation.

3. Sambasa Nzeribe

As a multi talented and an award winning actor, umped his game in 2017. He showed us no sign of slowing down at all. featuring in movies like; The wedding Party, Slow country and the like, his ability to interprete roles effortlessly is nothing short of amazing.  And rightfully so.

4. Enyinna Nwigwe

Definately a hottie that we sure will not ignore. not only is he a show stopper, but he is a super talented actor. His ability to interprete roles will definately keep you glued. Although not new to the business, Enyinna  has recently been in the lime light much more.

5. Somkele Idhalama

The adage that says fine wine gets better with age is true where this fine wine is concerned. With a statuesque physique to die for, Somkele has fast become an act to watch out for. starring in unforgettable roles in The wedding Party, Ojukokoro and the like. She is definately a winning act.


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