6 resolutions that will make you wealthier in 2018

Having problems with building up your finances? Here are some simple ways you can reduce your financial burdens and increase money in the bank in 2018!

1. Pay bills Promptly

Always ensure that you do not procrastinate paying your bills. Be it PHCN, LAWMA, or even debts that you owe. Late payments always increase and that is not good for your pocket.
2. Monitor Your Account
this may sound OCD but it keeps you conscious of what you have and helps you remember what you can or cannot afford.
3. Save!!!
it is important to save money. The rainy days are sure to come and money will be needed to cover your head in such days. Do not under estimate what could happen. Do not “Joy-Spend” simply because the money is available and plenty.
4. Increase your financial literacy

It may sound cliche but it will broaden your mind possibilities you didn’t see before thereby adding to what you’ve already know about finances and money. And this could be achieved via, reading of books, seminars for financial growth etc.
5. Stick to a budget

Always remember that budget are there to guide your spending. Creating and following a budget will help prevent you from overspending or failing to plan for future expenses. Start by making a list of the most important to least important items you’ll need to get. If what you’re spending every month exceeds what you earn, start cutting expenses from the bottom of the list. And be sure to periodically go back and look at your plan and make sure you are following it.
6. Make more

Finding new ways to increasing your take-home money is one key way to improve your financial well-being. Consider looking for a better job in 2018, even if it means relocating to another city. You may also want to consider finding ways to earn more in your current position, whether it be through a raise or a promotion. Or even a “Side Hustle”


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