Daddy Freeze challenges Davido to use a tithe of his income to remove someone from poverty and he accepts!

Over the weekend, we reported when Daddy Freeze anounced the ‘Tithe Against Poverty’ challenge.

According to him, the  ‘Tithe Against Poverty’ challenge is a campaign created to end poverty in Nigeria. To participate, you must remove someone from poverty with a tithe of your income and challenge someone to do the same!


Today, he challenged poptsar Davido to do and he accepted.


Freeze is surely gaining more momentum with his Tithe campaign.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


  • I must confess that this program is worthwhile and encouraging. I thank GOD for this idea. For I believe if one presents his tithe b4 GOD in prayer & then goes out there & removes someone from suffering, GOD will be pleased & glorified.

  • wow,, dats soo cute!!! as I just saved some one’s life yesterday,, wished I can see a helper like d person I helped yesterday.

  • it’s a nice idea cus people like me if I get that offer it will surely change my life and that will prompt me to do the same for others, am a graduate and I can dance, sing.

  • Where are the people daddy freeze helped with his own tithe? And also helping people is different from paying tithe they are totally different. I don’t no why Christians do go against themselves. You can never see any Muslim challenging there supreme. We need to be cultured the Bible say Judge no one, that’s y God said judgement will come from d Altar.

  • I really thank God for ur life freeze and most importantly I thank him for the courage he gave u to stand and speak out.How I wish ppl will see the truth and try to embrace it.
    God bless u once again.

  • This is the good news so far I have ever heard in this country. wish others who claim boss as well can follow up with master (OBO). in this. Especially Wizkid cause his fans are the mosquitoes that sing most about his pompousness.
    This story is very good to hear. I don’t have much to say, I rest my case

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