Diary of a Broken Heart

I’m sure you’ve heard of many story of women and men who have had different events in their lives that lead to why they have little or no time for love to exist in their lives. like every other story, mine is also unique to me. I’ve gotten to a good place in my life where telling my story doesn’t hurt me anymore. In case you don’t know, my name is Esther (my mum thinks it has a spiritual implication as it is gotten from the Bible.) So grab a tissue (for the emotional ones) or pop corn (for the hard-guys) and journey with me back through time and learn a few lessons.

                         “I cannot love the way I’ve loved before. It’s that simple.” I say vehemently as I sit on the settee. “Why?” Asked Deola, my best friend of so many years. “How long will you be like this?” I don’t see why I should after what I went through. “I told you before, I have plans and it does not include a man at all ok? I’m not gonna let a man distract me from my goals again” even as I said that it sounded like an old maid’s tale. “I don’t believe that.”  Sighing as Deola sits with me on the settee. “All this happened after him didn’t it Esther? You never told me what happened you know?”

Kunle. The name that used make my heart and my feet curl with the excitement. God must have been smiling on me because He loved me or so I thought. He was perfect, the one I was so sure I would spend the rest of my life with. Yes the pain is still fresh; too fresh indeed. “Esther you must tell me what happened today. I will not let you go until you tell me what went wrong between you and Kunle?” How could I forget august 27th, 2015? The day I set my eyes on him. That faithful evening oblivious of the visitor seated, I walked into the parlor, hugged and kissed my dad when he asks “Have you met Kunle?” I replied; “No”. It was then I turned and saw him. Oh! What a sight, what a mighty good sight! He was a dark and awesomely handsome man. “He just came from the UK so he’s quite new to the country. It would be nice to show him around don’t you think?” dad said with a knowing smile (my dad is the original self-acclaimed match-maker in the family). “Of course! It’s nice to meet you” giving Kunle my undivided attention now. With a dashing smile, he stands up to take my hand.  He is tall and very polite too! “Hi I’m Kunle” a British accent?! My mouth was agape with surprise! (You see, I have a thing for all things tall, dark and handsome) I am so done for! was all I was thinking. From that day, we became friends. Everyone thought we were going to get married. Even my religious mother! (I did secretly wish that too. Apparently I was wrong) we were inseparable. Anywhere you saw Kunle, you saw me (I made sure of that). All was well until one day…