Disciples Of Jesus Were His Bodyguards – Apostle | Video

Apostle Johnson Suleman has preached that Jesus Christ was surrounded by bodyguards who were armed to protect him from harm.

Apostle  Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries has spoken on the issue of people who love to criticize pastors.
In the video below, he is seen saying that if Jesus Christ was around he would have been criticized by such people.
Apostle Suleiman further explained that the disciples of Jesus were armed meaning they played the role of bodyguards. He made reference to when Peter cut the ear of a man with a sword to prove the disciples were armed.
This he said to explain the reason why he was with a policeman as his guard in a picture that went viral sparking up debate.
Watch the video below:

Source: Tori


  1. 90 percent of this present day familiar pastors and unfamiliar are carnal,there not resemblance of christ ,there hypocrites,this not judgement but rightous judgement.they quote the bible which thy dont interprete as it was writing but to please their consciousness.a question to the pastors,G.Os etc,when is our lord jesus christ coming back,

  2. What sort of nonsense is this? If Johnson Suleiman really said this then I boldly say he’s a liar. let no one twist bible to their interpretations. Jesus has no body gaurds. if Suleiman wants to quote that Bible portion then he should quote it complete, not halve way; Jesus said to Peter, “Those who live the sword die by the sword”. Mind you Jesus said this to rebuk Peter for possessing a sword. All these men parading security personels up and down I wonder wether they believe God can protect.

  3. “Out of abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” -Whosoever that is working for the devil as an agent directly or indirectly always attacks God,His men and children directly or indirectly.You people should spare men of God of this libellious statement.,. Suleiman is 100% correct


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