Ex-Boxer Beats Wife to Death Over Christmas Food in Anambra

A manhunt for a retired boxer, identified only as Everitus who allegedly beat his wife, Fidelia, to death has been launched by the police in Anambra state.

According to a report by Punch, the ex-boxer attacked the wife during a disagreement at their home in Uli, in the Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State. She was said to have asked him to provide for money for Christmas food.

It was gathered that the angry husband had engaged the wife in an argument over the matter before beating her to a pulp. She died in the process.

Immediately the woman gave up the ghost, the ex-boxer fled the community.

The matter was said to have been reported to the police at the Ihiala division as some youths vented their anger on the suspect’s country house in Amamputu village, in the same council area.

A source, who said the incident happened on Monday, December 25, explained that the mob set Everitus’ country house ablaze.

He said, “The man and the wife had been married for some time now. They usually have disagreements. The man was a retired boxer who has become a pastor of a charismatic church.

“The wife, who is a trader in Ekeagbagba Market, had asked him for money that she wanted to prepare food for Christmas.

“That was what started the fight. He beat her to death over the issue. The man is on the run, while the case has been reported to the police.”



  1. Rest in peace, Fidelis. Pastor? Indeed. Where has d beast and coward ran to? Anger rest in d bosom of fool. Justice must reign for Fidelia. Domestic violence(DV) is on rampage, run away from a violent spouse before you meet untimely death. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AT THE SIGN OF DV


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