Fashion Hacks To Hide Tummy

Fashion is amazing and so diverse that it gives room for use to enhance or hide what we want seen or not. As is with almost everything fashion related, women have a lot of areas they do or do not want to show off. Especially the area of the “belle Bulge”, women struggle here. You could be slim everywhere else and still have to deal with the stubborn tummy that won’t budge one bit! hence, from the goodness of our hearts, we bring the best ways to hide the tummy and take you from being self conscious to confident and seamlessly stylish in no time!

1. Loose Tops

 We know that tight, body hugging clothes do not always flatter the figure especially for the full-bodied women. So this is definately not hard to remember. So, the next time you go clothes shopping, move away from those figure-hugging tops to their loose and baggy counterparts. The material will not be stretched over your body, it will be loose, airy and most importantly, hide all the bits you don’t want people to see.





2. Peplum Tops

This is definately one of the top styles that you will definitely want to choose for concealing your tummy fat. The fit near the bust and the flare right near the waist line diverts the attention away from the tummy and also gives room for the waist to shine. It creates the illusion of a cinched in waist and gives you some much needed shape.







3. A-Line Gown

 Even for pregnant women, this is a necessity. Weather long or short an A-line dress can hide the round tummy perfectly and is perfect for work wear or to wear to a formal occasion. Cotton a-line dresses make for cute summer dresses too.







4. The Empire Waist-Line

This doesn’t suit all types of figures but as regards to this situation, this is a must-have to deal with it. It comes in different length and sizes; mini dress, maxi dress or top. Whichever one you choose, you are guaranteed a flattering silhouette which skims the bust and flares out around the tummy/hips. It draws attention towards the thinnest as well as the sexiest parts of your body.






5. Upper Body Detail

Details! can never be over emphasized. Always take a good look at the detailing of any top you decide to buy because, outfits with details around the upper section of the body can play a huge role in disguising a bulging tummy. It is advisable to clothes where the the necklines, shoulders and the whole front section of the torso is heavy with ruffles or heavy embroidery. Not only does it add glitz to your outfit it also distracts the eyes from the weakest part of your body.



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