How I got pregnant and put to bed at the age of 14- Oprah Winfrey stunningly reveals

Oprah Winfrey made a stunning announcement in Australia, revealing she named the infant son she lost when she was just 14.

While speaking at An Evening with Oprah, she told the crowd “So I have named him, I had a little boy named Canaan. I did have a son.

And I named him Canaan because Canaan means new land, new life.” Winfrey went on to speak about the sexual abuse she experienced as a child, which resulted in her pregnancy with Canaan.

“I was raped at 9 years old by a cousin, then again by another family member, and another family member,” Winfrey said. She added that she hid the pregnancy because of the “pain and shame.

” The baby boy was reportedly premature and passed away in the hospital weeks after he was born.

source: Theinfong


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