Grown Men Kneel Down To Welcome Their Pastor As He Steps Out From His Car In Abuja.

A photo that’s been trending online for hours now, shows visibly grown men on their kneels in salutation of their Pastor as he steps out of his car upon his arrival at his Church.

The men in suits are seen kneeling down as they welcome their pastor who is the founder of Firehouse Assembly in Abuja – the photo has of course, caused mixed reactions online as many are contemplating whether or not the said gentlemen were actually welcoming their pastor or it’s otherwise.

See the full photo below:


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  • interesting how on earth could someone who is filled with holyspirit allowed his church members to kneel while he step down from wherever only God knows,the holy spirit that is a gentle being and whosoever that has it operate and lives orderly and never sees himself or herself as sorry this is not God,s leading that’s why l tell people to search the scripture and test all spirit are they of God ? bcos many native medicine men has filled the altars of God in the name of God,s sad.

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