I’m romantically involved with music, men can wait – Debbie Rise


I was born in Kaduna State into a strong Christian home, and I have two sisters. My father is a pastor and an engineer, while my mother is a nurse and a deaconess. While growing up, discipline and humility were imbibed in us. Like we all know, Nigerian parents are very protective of their girl children because they don’t want them to go wrong. However, I grew up like any other girl and did everything that every child did while growing up. My father taught me how to ride the bicycle. He used to hold my legs to ride back then. I learnt how to wash my uniform and I learnt that a girl child should always stay in the kitchen with her mother.


I attended NIOMCO Staff Primary School, Itakpe, Kogi State, for my elementary education, before proceeding to Federal Government Girls College, Kabba, Kogi State, for my post-elementary education. I had my university education at the Federal University of Technology, Yola, Adamawa State. I studied Computer Science at the university. I am also a trained graphic designer and web programmer. I like the fact that I can combine what I studied in school with music. Right now, I do more of graphic designing because programming consumes a lot of time. It is fun combining designing and music.


Being a musician is interesting because it is my passion. When your passion is your work, it doesn’t seem like you are working. Though I have a tiny voice, music is beyond having a good voice; you must be creative as well. Without throwing shades at anyone, I sing sensible songs and my songs can be relatable to different situations. I can sing about different situations of life and I don’t just make noise as a musician.  Music is one tool I have to reach out to people and it allows me to say things I wouldn’t say normally.

Parental support

My parents have always been supportive in one way or the other. African parents want the best for their children. Even though things are changing now, parents didn’t usually allow their male children to concentrate on football because they feared that their efforts may be wasted. It is considered that the chance of being successful in soccer is very slim. Most parents want their children to go to school, get good education and later do whatever they want to do. I was faced with a similar situation. My father wanted me to have quality education before doing music. But his prayers and blessings go with me right now, especially since he has been seeing positive results.

Big Brother Naija

Though I passed through Nigerian Idol, and emerged as the first runner-up of Season 4 of the competition, participating in Big Brother Naija is a memory I will never forget. Having to be in the ‘diary room’ was always amazing because it was a time you get to speak wisdom. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to say one or two words of wisdom while I was in the diary room. Life after Big Brother has been interesting. You know the Bible says to whom much is given, much is expected. I know that a lot of people are in support of my music, and I promise not to disappoint them. The first project I did after the Big Brother competition was a song with a fellow housemate, Bassey, which we wrote in the house. Afterwards, I dropped another song and music video on the same day. The song was produced by Johnny Drille, and the video was shot by Paul Gambit. I then followed up with a nationwide tour, during which I visited 12 states and donated a guitar to a secondary school in each state. It was a massive project for me because I wanted to bless people with my music. I also just released my debut EP, which has 11 songs on it. I invested so much in putting the EP together and I released it on my birthday last week. I plan to do more collaborations and music videos.


At every point in our lives, we face different sorts of pressure, but what matters is how we handle them. My motto is, ‘Don’t let compliments get to your head and do not let criticisms get to your heart.’ In all that I do, I try to create a balance. I always think of the best and the worst that can happen in every situation.

Role models

I love Genevieve Nnaji, Beyonce, Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay. I look forward to doing something with them all. I want us to come together and empower the human race.


I have no regrets. In fact, I will like to be the way I am in my next life. I believe the things I have passed through define who I am.

Current projects

Like I said earlier, I recently dropped my EP. Though I am yet to have a major sponsor, I am happy I was able to hold the release party at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.


I am quiet and peaceful; I don’t like being all over the place. I can be very patient and I think I have self-control. I am disciplined, determined and a goal-getter. If I need to do something, I would go for it, no matter what it takes. Even if it requires having to go against rules, I would make sure I do it. I also believe that there are many creative ways by which things can be done at every given point. When I was in the Big Brother house and they gave us tasks to do, I always thought of new ways to achieve them. I love being creative.


I am romantically involved with my music only. I want my music career to ‘blow’ before I take any man serious.


I used to love dressing like the lady in the Cat Woman movie. I used to love jackets and boots, like a sexy tomboy. Right now, I am different as I am rebranding. My management has been very helpful with this. They make sure I look classy all the time. Right now, I wear things that are stylish and feminine.


I love to relax with movies and music. I like going out with people that I love. I enjoy going to the beach and I enjoy cooking as well.

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