The Industry will not be happy if I speak about the issue I had with Tekno – Sunday Are

Sunday Are, Wizkid‘s manager, has told Punch he has no wish to speak about the incident that occurred at the “One Africa Music Fest.”

News had filtered through, claiming a fight had broken out between Wizkid and Davido‘s crew just after the event, after Tekno tried to shake Are’s hands.

Sources claimed Wizkid had suffered a punch to the nose, and although none of the parties involved made comments on the issue, Davido did make a cryptic comment on his Twitter, saying he’d always come to Tekno’s defense.

Are, in the interview with Punch, has said the music industry would be unhappy if he speaks about what actually happened.

What was reported isn’t what actually happened, he said, adding that no artiste in Nigeria has ever disrespected him.

Still he wishes Tekno well, he said, as well as every other musician in Africa. He said:
Initially I did not want to say anything about the issue I had with Tekno at the ‘One Africa Music Fest’ because if I speak, the industry would not be happy about what happened.

I just want to be silent on the matter because what actually happened was more or less like the quarrel of a father and son in the house. When a father has a problem with his child in a house, that is when the child will do something that is not good, you scold him and it ends there.

What people have been reading was not actually what happened. When these young boys in the industry act sometimes, it makes me remember the Yoruba proverb which says, “A child can have as many clothes as an elder but he can never have as many rags as the elder.” Also, what an elderly person sees while seated, a child cannot see it even if he climbs a skyscraper.

With all due respect to every artiste in Nigeria both old and young, what happened on that day has never happened before. No artiste in Nigeria has ever disrespected me. Every artiste in this country knows that I am always there for them and I also try my best not to disrespect any one of them.

They can all testify to this. I always wish every music artiste the best because I stand for African entertainment. I have always wished them the best including Tekno; my happiness is for him to grow higher than he is today.

Source – PUNCH